The MOS – Magnetic Organization System

MOS - magnetic organization system - Sewell CorporationI receive a number of requests from product makers to test out their products and post reviews on my blog. Before I accept their products, they agree to my terms that I need to do more than just look at it; I’ll test out the product over several months. And, if I don’t like the product, I won’t blog about it.


When the folks at Sewell Development Corporation asked me to try out their “MOS” (Magnetic Organization System) cable organizer, I was pretty skeptical. Who needs another cord organizer for a charging station? A few weeks later, I received the shipment and carefully read every word on the packaging. I was alarmed by the warning that it should be kept away from computers. Great. Our current charging station is right under our ancient iMac’s screen.


Since I didn’t feel like relocating our station to a whole new room or even a different wall, I set the MOS system on the very edge of the desk, about a foot away from the computer. And then I crossed my fingers. (Part of me was protective of the Mac because I’d rather spend my money on a summer vacation than replacing a blown computer, but part of me wanted it to fry in order to give me an excuse to finally upgrade.)


The MOS is triangular in shape with rounded corners. It comes in white, black and grey and is only four inches across. It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s not unsightly. For those of you who don’t have a flat surface on which to place the MOS, it does come with a 3M sticker for wall mounting.


Five months later, our Mac is still running fine.


And the MOS system is pretty nifty. Neither of our cell phone chargers has a magnetic ending, so we had to use the magnetic cable ties that came in the box. We simply wrapped the tie at the end of the charger, set it on top of the MOS system, and voila! The charger stuck. The charging cables never left their spot, never slowly slithered away, never fell into the black hole behind the desk.


This product was designed to hold cables, and it does exactly that.

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    I’m so not techie, so I’m afraid I can’t help with that one. 🙁 I hired a company to set this all up for me.

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