Productivity speaker asks: How often do you seize the day?

Musings of a motivational productivity keynote speaker at women’s conferences:


With the passing of Robin Williams this week, I was reminded of a line he uttered in the movie Dead Poets Society – and a line that I share as a motivational productivity keynote speaker at women’s conferences. It’s a line that has guided me since I saw the movie at the ripe ol’ rebel age of 18:

Carpe diem! Seize the day, boys!”


carpe-diem-seize-the-dayHis teacher character didn’t mean that his students should start living life with wreckless abandon. Instead, they needed to think about what they wanted for themselves and their lives – and that maybe the molding of their persons being done by other people wasn’t exactly a good fit for them.

As a business owner or professional on the go, you have the opportunity to set your own schedule. Too often we get bogged down in piddly administrative details and don’t make time for our talents to shine or for our calculated risks to be chased down. Or for finally doing what we always say we’ll do – spend more time with family, call up that old contact, take a vacation….

How often do you include “seize the day” in your schedule?






Helene Segura is a motivational speaker and specializes in conferences that want a women’s keynote productivity speaker. If you want your attendees to learn how to seize the day, bring in Helene as your motivational keynote productivity speaker!

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