Time Management Techniques – How to be more focused in 4 steps

Time management techniques - how to be more focused

Time management techniques – how to be more focused

Time Management Techniques – How to be more focused

In my previous blog posts, I gave two different examples of what a lack of focus does to our brains, thereby putting a damper on our productivity. In the last post, I presented an overview of the steps to take in order to gain the upper hand on time management techniques and create more focus. Now it’s time to look at these steps in detail, using a simple trip to the grocery store as an example.


Time Management Techniques – 4 Steps – How to focus more

Prep beforehand: Prepare the grocery list and make sure the bags are in the car, placing them in a visible position such as the passenger seat, if necessary. Do you need any other supplies or information to make the task successful? Coupons? Pen? Phone (with digital list)?

Review before the task: Before you open your car door, start your mental checklist: What am I about to do? Do I have all of my supplies in hand? If you have to, say this out loud. (Watch these great scenes from the Long Kiss Goodnight where Samuel L Jackson’s character does something similar. Warning: This clip is totally R-Rated! The example scenes run from 0:35 to 1:05.) This is being intentional. If your kids are in the car, turn it into a game. (Without the F-words, of course.)

Be intentional during the task: Focus on what’s at hand so you’ll get out of there faster without having to crisscross back and forth constantly throughout the store. If your kids were in the car for the previous step, they can help you find what you need and drop it in the basket. This is also an excellent way for you to teach your kids budgeting, nutrition and decision-making lessons.

Reflect afterwards: Was there a better way to do things? How can I best make that change? If I forgot something, what is the best way to create a mental trigger so that I’ll remember it next time?


These four steps work at the grocery store, and they will work for every task you need to accomplish.

You need to take your time in order to save time.

These are the keys to more focus and better time management techniques.


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