Time Management Techniques – 5 questions to improve your focus

Time management techniques - how to be more focused

Time management techniques – how to be more focused

Time Management Techniques – 5 questions to improve your focus

As a society, we are sooooooooooo distracted. We… oh look, a squirrel!

We don’t pay attention. We don’t stay in the moment. We’re constantly flit-flitting to whatever catches our eye.

Our minds are so cluttered. Additionally, in our zeal to “stay connected” we let our gadgets interrupt us constantly throughout the day.

The art of FOCUS is a dying one. And that’s why so many people are spinning their wheels. They’re in such a hurry to get everything done, that they stumble, make mistakes, forget things or get sidetracked and – ultimately – get nothing done, or at least, very little.

As you work on improving your productivity, you’ll find that you will also improve your focus. As you focus on being intentional, you’ll find that you are more successful with your time management techniques.


Time Management Techniques – Improve your focus!

In my previous post, I described the four steps to take in order to be more focused on your tasks. By applying those concepts throughout the day, you’ll increase your productivity.


As a part of your reflection in the fourth step, here are some questions to ask yourself in order to help you stay focused on your goal of…more focus:


What specific “intentional presence” successes have I had?


What did I do or what resources did I use to achieve those successes?


What would be a signal that I have a problem with being intentional and focused?


What are my specific goals? In what ways would I like to be more focused during the day?


Are there obstacles blocking me from achieving my intentional presence goals?


By implementing the four steps in my previous post and the questions in this post, you’ll improve your focus on the tasks at hand. By improving your focus, you’ll improve your time management techniques – and that’s the key to productivity.


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