Time Management Tips – Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions!


time management tips


Time Management Tips – Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every January 1st, 75% of Americans select getting organized or improving their time management as one of their top five New Year’s Resolutions. It’s right up there with quitting smoking and losing weight.

That’s terrific! If everyone implemented more time management tips we’d have fewer stressed out, frazzled folks in the world. Unfortunately, 67% of our fellow citizens are not successful with their New Year’s Resolutions. And I don’t want you to be one of them! So, how exactly do you improve your time management?

Check out my four-part blog series in which I discussed the key time management principle of improving focus:

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Part 4: Time Management Tips – 5 questions to improve your focus

When you create clarity and improve your focus, the immediate result is increased efficiency and productivity. Hooray!

The Ultimate Time Management Tips:

If you truly want to increase your productivity, then you’ll want to check out my program:

The Inefficiency Assassin’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

You’ll receive a daily 2- to 3-minute video tip for 30 days. It’s like having me right there by you at your computer, giving you time management tips daily for a month! The good folks I partnered with on this project based their program format on research they compiled with UCSD, so the daily tips are formulated to help you succeed. Receiving this daily support with small daily steps is the reason why the program has such a high success rate.

To begin your journey to time management success, go to www.HeleneSegura.avanoo.com. Sign up for the trial membership so you can get my program for free! My program is normally $49.95, so this is an awesome gift for you! Happy New Year!

Start 2015 on the right foot! Here’s to time management tips that will lead you to productivity success!



For more help to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions (or resolutions at any time of year!), check out my other time management tips blog posts.

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