Time Management Tips – Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions!


time management tips

Time Management Tips – Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every January 1st, 75% of Americans select getting organized or improving their time management as one of their top five New Year’s Resolutions. It’s right up there with quitting smoking and losing weight.

That’s terrific! If everyone implemented more time management tips we’d have fewer stressed out, frazzled folks in the world. Unfortunately, 67% of our fellow citizens are not successful with their New Year’s Resolutions. And I don’t want you to be one of them! So, how exactly do you improve your time management?

Check out my four-part blog series in which I discussed the key time management principle of improving focus:

Part 1: How present are you?

Part 2: Productivity Tips – How to focus more

Part 3: Time Management Tips – 4 Steps to More Focus

Part 4: Time Management Tips – 5 questions to improve your focus

When you create clarity and improve your focus, the immediate result is increased efficiency and productivity. Hooray!


For more help to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions (or resolutions at any time of year!), check out my other time management tips blog posts.

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As The Inefficiency Assassin™, Time Management Fixer Helene Segura empowers professionals on the go with the tools to slay lost time. Personal inefficiency at work leads to increased stress levels, lower morale, higher absenteeism, more turnover – and rising spending on employee health care and hiring. Why not improve productivity, decrease stress levels, and increase profits instead? The author of four books – two of which were Amazon best-sellers – Helene Segura has been the featured organization expert in more than 200 media interviews. She has coached hundreds of clients to productivity success and performance improvement by applying neuroscience and behavioral modification techniques to wipe out destructive, time-wasting habits. Helene turns time management on its head by sharing both client case studies and pop culture examples to teach her mind-bending framework for decreasing interruptions, distractions and procrastination so that companies can spend more time generating revenue.

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