Clearing physical clutter also helps clear mental clutter

Clear physical clutter to clear mental clutter - USAA urge to purge

Clearing Physical Clutter Also Helps Clear Mental Clutter

The insurance giant USAA approached me in December about helping them with an article in their series, “More with Less.” The basic premise of their series is that “you can have goals, and reach for them even when you have little to work with (no job, etc.).”

They asked me for advice about parting with stuff and getting organized in order to be more productive and/or happy, “to feel like you are moving toward your goals no matter what they are, be it saving for something big, getting a degree, getting a certain job, buying a house or car. Even when you don’t have much, you can still make changes and strive toward goals, which is an emotionally healthy thing to do.”

I loved their idea of having such a helpful series for their membership, who are members of the military or family members of the military. Whether you’re a retired Army general or a PFC in the Marine Corps, an administrative assistant’s assistant or the owner of a Fortune 500 company, clearing physical space and clutter in all parts of your life will help clear mental clutter. This mental clutter is often what gets in the way of successful goal completion. When your mind is clear of mental clutter, you’ll make better decisions about the path you take. And that’s a great way to save time and be more productive and efficient!

When I travel the country as a women’s keynote speaker to deliver presentations to companies and associations about productivity and time management tips, the attendees are often surprised that so much of what I talk about does not involve shopping lists. Rather, it involves the brain and clear thinking, which is why it’s so important to declutter both your physical and mental spaces!

Here is the article USAA wrote, entitled Find Your Urge to Purge: 

In case that link ever disappears, here’s the PDF document: Find Your Urge to Purge – USAA Member Community – Jan 2015

And when you do declutter your physical spaces, consider helping your community by donating your excess to a non-profit like Goodwill. That desk you no longer use, the chair that gets in the way, the file cabinet that’s become a junk collector…free your mind by clearing your space. Click here to find out what your donations to Goodwill can do for the folks in your area.


What will you do today to clear mental clutter?

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