Time Management Techniques – It's all about priorities


Your priorities are the key to time management techniques

Did you know that February was National Time Management Month? Is it a coincidence that February is the shortest month of the year?!?

When people find out that I teach time management techniques their first question is often, “How can we get it all done in only 24 hours?”

The answer is, we can get done everything that we must get done, if we know what our priorities are. It takes more than the luck of the Irish to successfully manage our time. We have to view our priorities on a daily basis so that we make decisions about our time based on those life and work priorities.

In this segment on Fox News First, I discuss the concept of time management with Monica Taylor.



Originally aired: Monday, February 16, 2015

Certified Professional Organizer and motivational speaker Helene Segura with KABB Fox 29 anchor Monica Taylor

Topic: time management techniques


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