Productivity Tools – Imbalance changes our perspective

Productivity Tools - Imbalance changes our perspective

Productivity Tools – Imbalance changes our perspective

The other day I was working with a client on determining which productivity tools would be best for her situation when she suddenly blurted out, “Are all of your clients in turmoil?!?”

She’d been exasperated since the moment I walked in. There was upheaval at work. Her employer was going through yet another “reorganization” to improve processes and cut expenses, but the prior “reorg” had never been successfully completed. The physical space in her home was weighing her down as well. Her home office had become a dumping ground, so she’d begun working in the living room. The living room, after a while, was no longer the living room since it was full of work material. One dilemma after another kept cropping up at work and at home. She was tired of dealing with all of the chaos. She wanted some comfort – to know that she wasn’t alone, that she wasn’t the only one who had a life like this.

Hence, her question, “Are all of your clients in turmoil?!?”

My answer: We forget about our productivity tools when we’re stressed.

When our life at work feels out of balance, we tend to go downhill and not use our productivity tools, so we become less efficient. Our frustration leads to muddied waters in the brain, which leads to sub-par decision-making. This brain constipation at work often spills over into our personal life. We’ve got thoughts and ideas swirling around in our heads, trying to break free, but nothing will come out. This blockage causes us to also make less than stellar decisions outside of work.

When we make a series of less than optimal decisions, it starts to multiply our overwhelm. When our overwhelm builds up, we think that any less-than-perfect happening is a disaster. Our out-of-control spin intensifies, and we think the world is up against us.

When we get back into balance, we still have the same types of issues and the same less-than-perfect happenings, but because we’re thinking clearly and feeling calm, we don’t see those situations as chaos or disaster. Instead, we see them simply as inconveniences that we need to deal with as a part of life. The sooner we decide to take back control of our work and home lives, the sooner the chaos will leave.

So to answer your question, most of my clients think they’re in turmoil. But as we get them back in balance, they do not allow said turmoil to enter their lives as often.

“Damn,” said she. “That is so true. Let’s get me some balance!”

Out of all the productivity tools in the world, the most important one is our brain – because it affects the decisions we make. Our brain is the cause of our failures. It is also the cause of our successes.

Do you feel like life is stacking things up against you? If so, what unresolved situation do you think is causing the overwhelm? What steps can you take to get that situation resolved?


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