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Inc. Magazine recently sent out a call for “Most Bizarre and Effective Productivity Hacks.” (Hacks are “shortcuts.”) Just for kicks, I thought it would be bizarre to suggest a hack that relies on “old school” office supplies instead of modern technology.

This is the productivity tool I submitted:

I share this with my clients. It’s what I do to help fend off distractions.

I put a post-it note on my laptop with my objective and the time frame I
want to work with focus. Then I set the timer on my cell phone.

Email indicators are turned off. If the phone rings or if someone walks in,
I ask myself if letting them interrupt me will benefit me. If not, I ask
them to come back at the end of my work block. If they will benefit me, I
allow the interruption to happen, but tell the person that I only have 5
minutes to spare.

This can’t be done all day long, but it helps to have at least a couple of
focused time blocks in the day to truly get things done.


Sometimes, going old school with your time management is very beneficial. Inc. Magazine thought so; they chose to post it as #1 on their Productivity Tools list in their article entitled, “7 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity.”

Check out the article here.

In case that link is ever removed, here’s the PDF: 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity _ Inc Magazine May 5 2015.



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