Productivity Tools – Office Products Showcased at NAPO Conference 2015


Back in April, I attended and presented at NAPO’s (National Association of Professional Organizers) annual conference and expo. It’s a chance to catch up with colleagues from around the world, attend courses that will better my understanding of behavioral changes, and test drive new productivity tools on the market.

Productivity Tools for Paper Storage (Files!)

Not everyone has switched to digital and/or can destroy paper documents for specific reasons. Since many of my clients have challenges with storing and finding paper, I spent quite a bit of time examining productivity tools and products that could assist them with storage.


My favorite product was from SMEAD. It’s called the Easy Grip. The expandable folder has a special grip near the top opening. When you pick up the folder by this special grip, it makes the folder lighter and easier to grip and lift. It’s amazing! Here’s more info about it:

Easy Grip® File Pockets

Smead Easy Grip® File Pocket 73212, Straight-Cut Tab, 1-3/4″ Expansion, Letter, Redrope

Item No. 73212

Easy Grip Pockets are designed with a special “grip strip” to provide twice as much grip as a standard pocket. They require less gripping force and strain to pick up out of drawers or to pull off shelves. These sturdy file pockets are available in a variety of expansions. Rollover Tyvek® reinforcement on the sides make it virtually tear-proof.


I also love SMEAD’s box bottom hanging file folders because they’re sturdy, and the tabs are easy to use… and these bad boys can hold up under a lot of wear and tear. Info:

TUFF® Extra Capacity Hanging Folders (Box Bottom) with Easy Slide™ Tab

Smead TUFF® Hanging Box Bottom Folder with Easy Slide™ Tab 64240, 2″ Expansion, 1/3-Cut Sliding Tab, Letter, Steel Gray

Item No. 64240

Seven times stronger than the leading box bottom hanging folder. Specially designed reinforced rods are 40% stronger to resist bending and paper tearing. Use to store bulky files, manuals and booklets. The heavy-duty oversized tabs easily slide and secure into the position you choose. Replaceable white tab inserts included.


For my clients who work with project files throughout the day, but they don’t want to leave them out permanently on their desk, SMEAD has a hanging file frame that can sit on your desktop, then get dropped back into a file drawer. Info:

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Hanging Folder Frame

Smead Heavy-Duty Adjustable Frame for Hanging Folders, 16″ to 24″, White, 64850

Item No. 64850

Frustrated by hanging folder frames that are difficult to assemble and then fall apart right away? The Heavy-Duty Adjustable Frame for Hanging Folders is a durable, easy-to-assemble solution. The product snaps together securely in minutes without tools. The assembled frame can be adjusted to fit a variety of drawer lengths (16″ to 24″ in length) with a simple push or pull and accommodates all Smead hanging folders. It also works great on the desktop. Heavy-duty construction withstands heavy loads. Hanging folders not included.


Pendaflex has a hanging file folder with built-in tabs, so you never have to look for the little plastic tabs with the tiny white label inserts. I haven’t test driven this file folder to see how these types of tabs will stand the test of time, but I do love the concept. Info:

Ready-Tab® Hanging Folders, Letter Size, Assorted


Clear tabs are built-in different positions; just lift the tab into place, Superior Durability. Poly-Laminate strips reinforce top edges and bottom fold, Lighter interior prevents misfiles, Use supplied permanent sticker labels or write directly on the tab, Perforated dispenser box for one-at-a-time file retrieval, Guaranteed for Life!

MOS - magnetic organization system - Sewell Corporation

Whether you consider yourself “techie” or not, we all have some kind of device that needs charging. SMEAD has taken over the MOS Cord Control system, which is a handy way to corral your cords. Click here to read my previous post about this product.


One of my favorite note-taking products is the AMPAD “spiral” notebook. You can create your own dividers and move papers around within the spiral so you can keep your notes organized. Info:

Ampad Versa® Crossover Notebook, Letter Size, Wide-Ruled, Navy, 60 Sheets


Ampad Versa® Crossover Notebook is completely customizable, with a variety of repositionable accessories to organize, highlight and group your notes. The letter-sized notebook features a durable navy poly cover and comes with 60 wide-ruled sheets of specially punched paper, three tabbed dividers, 105 stick-on flags for labeling and highlighting, a 30-sheet lined stick-on task pad for lists and memos and a clear dual poly pocket dividers to separate and hold papers. Back cover features two additional pockets and folds out to hold loose sheets.

For more productivity tools and tips from time management keynote speaker Helene Segura, click here.

Do you have any favorite productivity tools or office products that keep you organized?

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