Is reflection really that powerful? – A productivity tip for your Time Management Revolution


Here’s another productivity tip for your time management revolution.

When someone asks you how your day was, do you normally start off by saying something like, “Well, all I got done today was…” or “I didn’t get anything done but…”?

One of the greatest things that we can do to unmotivate ourselves is to start with the negative when we reflect on our accomplishments. When we focus first on the un-done, it deflates our psyche, bursts our bubble, and drops us down into the dumps. When we fall into this funk, we tend to spin in circles or wander aimlessly – which makes us less productive.

That’s why it’s really important that when we reflect each day on what we’ve done, we always start with the positive. What did you get done? No matter how small you think your win is, make sure that you start with that first. Celebrate everything that you got done that day, no matter how small or large. Do a happy dance. Give yourself a high five. Acknowledge that you finished that task!

After focusing on the positive, then you can take a look at what didn’t get done and what still needs to be carried over to your to-do list for the next day.

By celebrating and reflecting with power, that will help us stay motivated – which will help us to make better decisions about how we use our time.


Since everyone has different learning styles, below are two different delivery methods to help you learn these productivity tools.

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