How does discomfort get in the way of time management? – Productivity Tip for your Time Management Revolution


Here’s another productivity tip for your time management revolution:


Have you ever felt a little uncomfortable whenever you tried anything new, and so you just stopped trying?

So many times we have the best of intentions, but because we are trying something new, and we are attempting a change, we get to feeling uncomfortable. We don’t really like it because it feels different, and so we stop trying that change.

Now as you’re going through and trying different strategies and tactics in my time management revolution series, it’s important to realize that if you’re doing something different, it will feel a little uncomfortable at first because…it’s different.

The important thing is to try it for at least two weeks. That’s when you’re going to be able to figure out whether or not it’s truly working for you, or if you need to do a little bit of tweaking.

So don’t be shy! Don’t be afraid of discomfort. In fact, celebrate that discomfort – because if you’re doing something different, then chances are you’re about to make better decisions about how you use your time.


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