Take your time in order to save time – a time management workshop tip


For about the last ten weeks, I’ve been posting one blog (and video and podcast) per week with productivity strategies and tips for your Time Management Revolution. Today, I thought I’d throw in something a little different (but still related to time!) in order to celebrate an anniversary. One year ago today, on November 24, 2014, fellow Avanoo author Tom Evans interviewed me on his podcast, The Zone Show.

Tom loves time management! When he dispenses time management advice, he combines neuroscience with eastern philosophies and quantum physics. It’s literally a completely different zone than what you’re probably used to. He’s not your typical time management workshop presenter. That’s what makes him so unique.

Tom interviewed me from his studio in England. You’ll hear a couple of blips during our long-distance Skype call, but you’ll still be able to glean from and enjoy our chat about time and how to manage it – no matter which dimension you live in!

Click here to listen to the 22-minute conversation about time management.

Update: After 150+ podcasts, Tom Evans has updated and upgraded his hosting platform. Here’s the new home.


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