Phone Etiquette: How to Effectively Communicate in a Time-Saving Way

Phone Etiquette: How to Effectively Communicate in a Time-Saving Way


You want to effectively communicate and use proper phone etiquette, but sometimes the phone can steal a lot of time from us throughout the day. Have you ever spent way too much time talking on the phone, and then you have no time left to get anything done? How can we avoid that?

A tip for your Time Management Revolution. – Phone Etiquette: Be nice in shorter doses

Communication is extremely important if you want to get and stay ahead in the business world. However, sometimes we let a little too much time slip away when we’re talking on the phone.

In order to prevent that, set expectations for how much time you have at the beginning of a phone call. Let’s say that your favorite client, Julie, calls up. When you answer the phone. You can say something like, “Hey Julie, It’s great to hear from you. I’ve got 10 minutes before my next appointment. What can I do for you?”

You’ve greeted the person in a friendly way, and you’ve offered to listen and help this person. That is fine phone etiquette.

What you’ll want to slip in between the greeting and the offer to help is how much time you have. Now, you may really have another appointment with somebody else in 10 minutes, or you might have an appointment with yourself to get work done. But the caller doesn’t need to know the specifics. What you’ve done is set that expectation for the time frame. This will let the callers know that they need to get down to business while they have your attention.

When you learn to set these expectations and utilize the telephone more efficiently, you’ll be able to make better decisions about how to use your time.



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