How to Prevent Constant Interruptions

Did you know that the average person can lose more than one hour, per day, just from interruptions?


A tip for your Time Management Revolution: how to prevent constant interruptions

There are two types of interruptions. You’ve got self-interruptions and external interruptions.

External interruptions come from people who are around us. Some of these people we know (like our friends and family members), and some are total strangers. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on self-interruptions…because we’re in charge of those, and we can put an end to them.

Self-interruptions come from our devices when we answer every single chirp, bell, vibration or whistle when our phone or our tablet notifications kick in.

Self-interruptions occur when we allow ourselves to get distracted from what’s at hand.

Self-interruptions occur when we allow ourselves to procrastinate.

Self-interruptions can come from our office where we’re working. If we have so much stuff piled around, that distracts us, and it interrupts our train of thought. And we can also allow auditory distractions in our environment. We might be playing music when that actually distracts us, or perhaps we’re not playing music and we really need it to work better.

Think about this: What are all the different ways that you allow your work day to be interrupted?

Once you realize that they are, indeed, interruptions, you can put an end to them and gain back time. And when you gain back time, that gives you a clear mind to help you make even better decisions about how you use your time.

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