Enjoy the little things in life! (a productivity secret)

If you enjoy the little things in life, you’ll get a boost in productivity.

A few weeks ago, I arrived at a client’s house for a home office session. Her kids know me by now, so they’re never shy about running up to me and saying hello, even when Mommy isn’t yet in the room. On this particular afternoon, I was not only greeted, but I was also given an exciting news bulletin by the three- and four-year-old children:

3yo: “I ate a marshmallow.” 

5yo: “Because she went poo poo!”

3yo: “Yeah! I went poo poo!”

We all raised our arms in the air and jumped up and down and celebrated that she went poo poo!

When’s the last time you celebrated a seemingly minor accomplishment?

Heck, when’s the last time you celebrated anything you’ve accomplished?

One of the practices that I encourage my clients to implement is that of reflecting with power at the end of each day. Too many times when we reflect, we start off by thinking about all of the things that we didn’t get done…all of the tasks that we still have left to do. That’s no fun! It’s really discouraging, which de-motivates us and slows down any momentum we’re trying to build up.

Instead, reflect with power. Start your reflection by recalling everything that you have gotten done – no matter how small you think it might be. You got out of bed. High five! You got dressed. Yeah baby! You checked two items off your to-do list. Happy dance! You even remembered to bring in the reusable bags when you went to the grocery store. Score! Give yourself credit for the big and little things in life that you complete.

When we feel good about what we’ve accomplished, and we recognize how much we get done day in and day out no matter what life throws our way, it gives us confidence that we can get things done. With that confidence, we’re motivated to focus on the tasks and projects that we want to check off our lists. With this focus, our productivity improves. Each day that we reflect with power, we’re giving ourselves the pat on the back that we deserve and the motivation to get done what we need to do the next day…and the next and the next.

Of course, you should celebrate your big accomplishments, too. But in order to reach that big accomplishment, we usually have to complete quite a few small ones along the way. Give yourself credit for these baby steps. Reward yourself with that marshmallow (literally or figuratively!) each time you complete even the smallest of tasks. Enjoy the little things in life. It’ll make the big things seem that much sweeter.




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