Are PacSafe Travel Bags a Worthwhile Purchase?

One of the ladies in our Camino de Santiago group asked me if Pacsafe travel bags were a worthwhile purchase:

“Have you ever heard of a brand of travel bags called Pacsafe?  I have a small purse I’ve used before but it’s a bit small and leather, so I’m thinking about getting something bigger and more water resistant.”

I had to confess that I’d never heard of that bag, so this led me to a little research project. Here’s what I wrote back to her:

“Leather is definitely more slash-proof than the cheaper vinyl and ‘pleather’ bags out there. The size of your purse [roughly the size of an evening clutch] looks like it can fit your vital supplies. The only disadvantage of your bag appears to be it doesn’t have an RFID-proof pocket and plus it lacks water resistance. (Technically leather is initially water repellent, but if it doesn’t dry correctly or isn’t conditioned, the leather could break down.) June in Spain and Portugal is not the rainy season, so daily downpours shouldn’t be an issue. If you want this to be your daybag on the Camino, how will it hold up to perspiration?

Your purse looks fine for travel and does not look touristy. But if you want RFID blockers (this prevents thieves from scanning credit cards and passports with RFID chips) and some water resistance, you might look at these Pacsafe options  or options from another travel bag brand, Baggallini. Pacsafe has excellent reviews, as does Baggallini. (In fact, I’m a Baggallini owner.)

Since I won’t have a chance to test out a Pacsafe travel bag before we leave, here are some reviews you can read:

The Points Guy

Business Insider

Her Packing List

So, what does a travel bag have to do with productivity? If you travel for business, you want to be as efficient and productive on the road as possible, and it helps to have the right bag to do that. If you want to recharge your productivity, a little get-away will do the trick. The right bag will make your vacation a little easier. If neither of those reasons float your boat, then you must be reading this far because you’re trying to get more information about Pacsafe bags. You’ve just found it. That saved you time. There you go.

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