Cyber Security – Did you know that cyber attacks can happen via phone scams?

Here’s important cyber security news from Bryce Austin of TCE Strategy about something we may never have thought of: cyber security attacks through phone scams. Plus, heed his warning about patches for Microsoft!

Woman fell victim to phone-based cyberattack, losing her life savings of $200,000:

Even educated people fall for clever scams.

A Harvard Associate Professor was targeted by a caller claiming to be from the Massachusetts State Police, stating that she had been a victim of identity theft. She was told to wire her money to the police department for safe keeping while they issued her a new social security number. She then wired away her life savings, never to be seen again. Worse, because she initiated the wire transfers herself, the FDIC nor the bank will reimburse her. A police department will NEVER call you asking you to wire money to “keep it safe.” Neither will the FBI. Or the IRS. Or any other federal, state or local law enforcement agency. It’s a scam.
Equifax downgraded:

A business model without a cybersecurity pillar is on shaky ground.

In case anyone is still wondering how cybersecurity attacks can negatively impact companies, we have examples this month that underscore the need to take cybersecurity seriously. The first is Equifax, where the Moody’s stock ratings agency downgraded Equifax’s long-term outlook, citing the 2017 breach as the primary reason behind it. I’m curious to see how their stock performs over the next year and if Moody’s prediction comes true.

In more dramatic but less publicized news, the medical collections agency that experienced a breach of nearly 20 million records just filed for bankruptcy, stating that “enormous expenses” from notifying affected consumers and the loss of its four largest customers were to blame.
Windows patches are serious. Forbes is covering this.

I mentioned last month about the Windows Operating System patches that were so serious, Microsoft has taken the unprecedented step of proactively patching Windows XP and Server 2003. While a known exploit hasn’t been released, the Department of Homeland Security has sent out four separate warnings about the seriousness of installing these patches. The NSA has sent out an alert (the NSA has never done this before). Forbes is covering this story. This is not esoteric cybersecurity news. Patch all Windows XP, 2003, Win7 and 2008 computers. Now. Please.
Until next month, stay safe!”

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