Office or Home Decluttering Projects: Where to Donate or Sell Your Items

You might have some extra time on your hands this holiday season since there won’t be holiday parties and large family gatherings thanks to COVID-19. With all of that extra time, you might relax a little more or go all out on baking…something fun. Or, you might decide to finally plow through and get rid of pile ups that have been annoying you since before any quarantine or shelter-in-place mandates rolled around.

If you choose to go the latter route, you might wonder what you can do with all of the items once you’ve collected them. After all, you don’t want to go through all of that hard word only to have everything sit there…collecting dust…in a new spot.

A client of mine recently asked what to do with his decluttering project items. He didn’t want to spend a ton of time figuring out who to call and where to go, so I sent him my list of resources. While my list is specific to San Antonio, you can see what types of options are available and do a quick Google search for the same type of resources in your area.




Here are non-profits that offer free pick-up of large loads:







Habitat for Humanity

Salvation Army

Arms of Hopetemporarily suspended due to COVID, but I’m listing them here for future reference

Be sure to verify whether items can be left in their current location or if you need to move them to a certain spot.

Donations to these charities are tax deductible, so be sure to take photos of what you donate and ask for a receipt.

Additional information: The City of San Antonio lists charities that will accept bulky items.


Re-sale or consignment stores:

The Home Consignment Center

Second Home Resale

Contact Modern


Too Good To Be Threw

Closet Connoisseur


Ebay sellers:

Ebay Consignment Centers

Texas Consignment Shop

Ebay Drop Off Stores


List of thrift stores in San Antonio:

Top Thrift Stores in SA

Revolution Thrift

Alamo Pickers 210-324-5565

They most likely don’t offer pick-up services nor sell on consignment.



Questions to ask of consignment stores, resale shops and Ebay sellers:

What do you accept or not accept?

Ebay sellers: How long have you been in business?

Can I email you photos of what I have?

Am I responsible for transporting items to your store?

Am I responsible for picking up items that don’t sell?

How long do you allow an item to stay up for sale?

What is the sales split? (their commission/your payout)

Is there any other fee or charge I should be aware of?

Good luck with your decluttering project!

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