What Is Time? (Howard Meets Time)

What is time? When Howard meets Time in the movie Collateral Beauty, he learns that his opinion of it might be off base.

What about you? What is time? What is your opinion of time?

Do you think time flies?

Do you think time stands still?

Do you think time is everything?

Do you think time is nothing?

Do you think you have control of your time?

Do you think there’s no way to control time?

Can time be blamed for anything?

Is time good or bad?

Is time a gift or a curse?

Is time real or an illusion?

Before you watch the scene below in which Howard meets Time, here’s some context in case you haven’t watched the movie. (I’ve done my best not to include any spoilers here!)

Once upon a time, Howard gave a pep talk in which he philosophized that all humans are obsessed with love, time and death. Howard, played by Will Smith, eventually copes with his grief by taking certain unorthodox actions – including writing a scathing letter to Time. This leads him to meet Time, played by Jacob Latimore. Time is there to respond to Howard’s negative opinion of it.

What is time?

When you examine your relationship to it and with it, the power you give to or get from it, and what you want to do with time, you will live with a sense of direction and purpose.

Now that is productive.

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