Cyber Security Tips to Protect Yourself

In a previous post about cyber security hacks for headache prevention, I shared a quick tip to help you prevent hacking as well as some in-depth tips from cyber security expert Bryce Austin.

After reading my blog post, cyber security consultant Dave Kitzinger of DK Fraud Solutions LLC contacted me with the following additional cyber security tips:

“Good morning and thank you for the great information! As a security professional, I especially appreciated the note to change financial account passwords!! Gold star  for you! I strongly recommend you urge readers to also ‘safetyfy’ their email accounts. Specifically, users should:

1. delete filters or rules they did not create;

2. Log out of ALL ACTIVE SESSIONS; and

3. Change the email password.

Many email clients also offer a security check up and users would be wise to follow the recommendations.

It is extremely valuable to put sensitive accounts (financial, legal, etc.) on a “digital island” by using separate email addresses for the most sensitive accounts.

I routinely see identity theft and digital compromises among victims who safely navigate the internet with low risk behavior. Most issues seem to be quelled by the above recommendations.”

Then in a follow-up communication, he provided this additional information:

“I recommend the below-listed steps to protect online activities.

  1. Clean Internet, Device(s), and Email; in that order. 
  2. Freeze credit with each bureau. 
  3. Take control of online profiles (start with SSA, IRS), including social media, shopping, etc. 
    1. Reduce your info online, or at least make yourself more anonymous. 
    2. Create online profiles with the IRS and SSA 
      1. Social Security – first create a profile with, and then create a profile at  
      2. IRS – Search for ”Get An Identity Protection PIN” or navigate to 

Clean Internet – Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for home/business/cell services. Tell them you need their help making sure the network is safe. Software & Firmware must routinely be kept up to date; you can do it yourself if you’re comfortable logging into the device, or just have a technician come out. 

Clean Device(s) – Have a 3rd party IT professional scan devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) to make sure there is no malicious software. If you are comfortable with the technology, I recommend maintaining software/firmware updates and a strong anti-malicious software.

Clean Email – Go into the settings of your email and delete any rules/filters that you did not create/authorize. The second step is to force a logout of all active sessions. The last step is to reset your password. I recommend turning on 2FA for any/all accounts that offer the service.

Has your identity been compromised? 

  1. Go to and follow the steps for reporting and recovery. 
  2. File a report with”

Stay safe out there!

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