Time Management and Meal Planning – Follow Up

Two weeks ago, I discussed how your productivity levels can be adversely affected if you don’t implement meal planning. I also addressed common meal planning myths to help you shift any negative perspectives or opinions that might cause you to avoid meal planning.

Now it’s time to check in.

Are you planning your meals at least two days ahead of time?

If you are, congratulations! Keep up the great work!

If you aren’t, ask yourself:

What is getting in the way of you thinking about your meals only 48 hours ahead of time? Answering this question will help you knock down your barriers.

How will it benefit you to plan your meals ahead of time? (If you need a hint, check out the answers here.) Understanding the benefits will help motivate you to implement meal planning.

Are you keeping up with grocery supplies for your meal plans?

If you are, give yourself a high five and keep your momentum going!

If you aren’t, ask yourself:

What is getting in the way of you or someone in your household stopping at the grocery store or ordering your supplies and having them delivered to your door or curbside?

How will it benefit you to eat healthy meals from home? (If you need some hints, check them out here.)

Here are a few additional check-in questions to consider:

If you need to eat out for work or social events, are you making conscious decisions about healthy portions and choices for at least half of those meals each week?

Are you keeping enough staples on hand to whip up quick meals when plans change?

Like I mentioned last time, taking five minutes to plan what you’d like to eat for the next two days or more will save you time because you won’t lose time to:

*stopping at the market or a fast food restaurant multiple times each week to pick up a “quick meal.”

*eating not-so-healthy meals that will lead to needing even more exercise and medical attention.

*less efficient and effective decisions about how you will use your time.

Just five minutes of meal planning here and there is most definitely worth preventing all of that time loss.

Here’s to your improved time management!

For more information about time management through self-care, check out The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer.

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