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I was recently introduced to a podcast called A Way with Words. In addition to loving learning about word and phrase origins – plus it can never hurt to improve my vocabulary – understanding the use of language is an important component of time management.


I’m recommending this podcast for two reasons:


Learning stimulates intellectual health.

I talk a lot about physical health when I preach that self-care is an important component of time management, but intellectual health is equally important. Keeping your mind sharp helps you make better decisions, including better decisions about using your time. Continuous learning helps feed your brain and keep it nimble.


Improved language skills help you to better negotiate time.

I teach a workshop called Negotiating Time with Others during which we examine how words can escalate a situation or allow you to negotiate deadlines. This podcast can add to your knowledge of language usage and introduce you to words and phrases used regionally, which could help you in communicating with people around the country or globe.


Here’s a description of the A Way with Words podcast from their website:


“An upbeat and lively public radio show and podcast about language examined through family, history, and culture. Language debates, variations, and evolution, as well as new words, old sayings, slang, family expressions, word histories, etymology, linguistics, regional dialects, word games, grammar, books, literature, writing, and more.”


Hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett use their decades of linguistics and word origin studies to educate – in an entertaining way – listeners about words and phrases from around the world.

I enjoyed Quiz Guy guest John Chaneski’s brain teaser. It was also fun to listen to callers from around the country ask questions about words or phrases someone used with them and that they didn’t understand. (Phew! I’m not the only one who encounters this!) After listening to my first episode, I began to feel like a polymath! (See? It’s working already!)


A Way with Words is a wonderful way to exercise your brain, continue your personal development and decompress at the same time. How efficient!


You can check out their latest episodes here:

For more information about how self-care can improve your time management, check out The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer.


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