Productivity Quiz

Over the years, several clients have asked if I have a productivity quiz that can serve as a predictor for whether or not they’ll experience time management issues.

Here’s a quick productivity quiz you can take:


1 Where do you park your car?

  1. in the garage (or I would if I had a garage, but I live in an apartment; or I would if I had a car)
  2. not in the garage (even though I have one)


2 How many seconds do you pause before giving an answer to a request?

  1. At least one second – longer if possible.
  2. None – I immediately say yes because I want to help people and/or I don’t want them to think I’m unhelpful.


3 How would you describe your relationship with your phone?

  1. I look at it when I make a conscious decision to check email or texts or to glance at my calendar or to take a break.
  2. I grab it consistently throughout the day. Sometimes I don’t even realize how much time I’ve spent on it.


If you answered A to all three questions, you have a higher probability of remaining productive throughout the day, as well as getting refocused more quickly when things don’t go your way.

How can you possibly come to that conclusion from only your answers to these three questions?

Next week, we’ll unpack the answers to your productivity quiz.



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