Holiday Planning 2022

What?! But it’s only November 3! That’s right, and the holidays will roll around in no time.

Time management in your personal life is just as important as time management in your professional life. After all, subconscious worries from one will affect your performance and quality of life in the other.

Here are some tips to get you ready for what can be either the most joyous or most hectic (your choice) time of year!


Your Health and Well-Being

In addition to our normal cold and flu season, COVID-19 is still in the mix. Step up your usual health precautions: get plenty of sleep, eat well, stay hydrated and – as we’ve been told for the past few years – wash your hands and avoid touching your face. If you need to get a flu shot, don’t wait until the last minute.


Schedule Your Plans for Family / Friends Time

Do you know which days you’ll have off from work? When would you like to spend quality time with your household members? How much time would you like to spend with those who live outside of your household? Do you need to block off time for traveling to and from any destinations? Even if your plans aren’t yet set, reserve the amount of time you want to have available for these events.


Reserve Your Recharge Time

When will you have some me-time? Start off the new year well-rested and rarin’ to go by making sure you have enough time to rest and relax during the holidays. Maybe this is a little time each day, or maybe it’s one full day before you return to work after New Year’s. No matter what, save some space for yourself.


Plan Ahead for Work Responsibilities

If you know you’ll have major projects or reports due, start mapping out your timeline now so you won’t have to burn the midnight oil, cramming in last-minute work during the holidays. If certain co-workers traditionally ask you at the last minute for help, start talking to them now about what they’ll need ahead of time.


Make Appointments to Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

If you plan to decorate, when will that happen? One bin unloaded and distributed each evening, or one full Saturday or Sunday spent decorating? Make appointments with yourself right now on your calendar.



Just like the past few years, there are supply chain oddities and shipping delays. Plan to do your shopping and shipping sooner rather than later.


Dial It Back

If you normally operate at beyond-peak performance during the holidays so that everyone around you thinks you’re superhuman, you might want to consider going peak performance-light this year. Give yourself a break so you can truly enjoy the holiday season. By the way, have you noticed how many times I’ve mentioned scheduling action items or plans on the calendar? This is to help prevent you from over-scheduling and over-committing. Less is more – more time for a healthier and more productive you.


Here’s to a holiday season spent the way you want to spend it!



If you need a how-to manual for getting away from it all during the holidays (either out of town or staycation-style), check out these Escape from Work recommendations in online or book format.

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