How To Find Mental Health Resources


It’s been six months since my blog post about mental health and productivity. During this time, I’ve heard from many people who have struggled to find help.

During the December holiday season, many folks experience various not-so-joyful emotions. Between hearing from others and recognizing that this can be a tough time of year for many people due to a multitude of reasons, I thought I’d revisit various actions you can take to find mental health help for yourself or a loved one.

How to search for mental health practitioners and resources:

*log into your health insurance member portal to find a provider in your network

*log into your health insurance member portal to find out if you have access to on-demand assistance like LearnToLive through the portal

*Google these terms:

“therapists in [your city]” or

“counselors in [your city]” or

“psychologists in [your city]” or

“psychiatrists in [your city]” or

and browse those providers’ websites

*ask your close friends or family members for therapist recommendations

*log into your work portal to see if they list providers who are “on call” for employees

*look into a telehealth portal like BetterHelp to find a mental health professional. Due to state licensing, you’ll most likely be limited to only professionals in your state, but this still gives you much broader access than just your local community.

Chances are you won’t find the absolutely perfect therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist on your first try, and that’s OK. Part of their intake process should include assessing your needs and either explaining their services or pointing you in the direction of someone who might be a better fit.

Please be aware that it can take several weeks to find a provider and get on their calendar. That’s why it’s important to start your search today. While you might be annoyed at having to wait three, four or five weeks, it’s better to be annoyed while “getting in line” than to be irritated, put off making an appointment, and not even get in line – thereby further delaying when you can get the help you seek.

If you need help before your first appointment, consider revisiting resources from the search recommendations listed above, as well as:

*search your county or city website for mental health resources (usually through community groups, and they can provide a helping had for you)

*Check this mental health resources website as well as this website to see if any options will work for you.

*You can also look into apps like Headspace, Calm or Sanvello that might help tide you over.

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