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A little more than half of my clients are forty years of age and above. A common question this demographic asks me (begs me?) is, “How in the world do I work with Gen Z?”

For some reason there seems to be a perceived difference of work ethic and views on life. This perception leads to walls being built and communication gaps developing, all of which lead to lowered levels of productivity.

To get an idea of what Gen Z is “like” (as in major generalizations), here’s an interview I conducted with a Gen Z-er, Ceylan Ersoy of BeforeSunset:



You’ll notice that I pointed out a few times the similarities between multiple generations. We often want much of the same thing, but each generation has a different way of getting there – and expressing themselves in the process.


Here’s a note containing Gen Z resources I recently sent to a client, which might be of help to you:

I think Jason Dorsey would be an outstanding resource for you. Here’s his overview of generations.

Jason does more than just blog or talk about working with Gen Z. He developed an entire research firm for this subject. I think you’d be able to pick up a few tips from the overview page above, as well as his blogs and videos


Articles about Working with Gen Z:

Advice from Harvard Business Review  


Advice from Forbes 


from Deloitte  


from ESCP 


from Ripple Match 


What college students want in jobs 


Like we discussed during our session, even if you do everything above, one of your challenges is that you’re a “stepping stone” job for the majority of your employees. So, here’s an article about Gen Z interns:

What do Gen Z interns want? 


Hopefully you can pick up a few ideas or different perspectives about working with Gen Z from these resources. While it’s important to understand differences, it’s equally important to embrace similarities. In the end, the key to higher levels of productivity is open communication from everyone involved.




For more productivity strategies and tips no matter what generation you are or aren’t, peek at The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer.


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