Time Management: Can You Utilize AI to Get Unstuck?

In the last two months, I’ve had more conversations about AI (Artificial Intelligence) than in all of the previous years combined. Granted, AI didn’t seem like a real prospective tool for the general population until a few years ago, but it seems like every time I open up my email inbox, there’s an announcement about, news story focusing on, or recommendation related to AI.

While a few of my conversations have been with workshop participants or clients asking me about using AI to better schedule out their days (you can read my response to those AI for time management questions here), most of my conversations have been about how to get unstuck when starting a project – specifically, a project or task that requires generating content.

It could be an email you need to send to a customer, a client proposal, white paper, one-sheet for clients, informational brochure, web page…basically, any type of paragraph or document you’d need to write to communicate a point, message or lesson to one or more humans.

Some of my clients lose time to the beginning of this process. They might have ideas spinning around in their head, but they’re not sure what the best way is to organize those thoughts into meaningful content.

Perfectionistic tendencies?

This blockage is sometimes caused by perfectionistic tendencies. There’s often a desire to be able to immediately create a near-finished product. That, I’m afraid, is very tough to accomplish for us mere mortals. It’s pretty rare when you can take a few thoughts in your brain and instantly translate them to an almost-perfect final version.

Our desire to jump to the end result causes us to forget the important stages in the writing process:


Organizing ideas

Draft 1


Draft 2


Draft 3 (sometimes three or more drafts; hopefully you can call it good to go by the fifth!)


Final Product


Enter: AI for generating content?

Since the initial generation of content seems to be holding so many people back, we’ve discussed using AI for the initial draft.

At this point in time, AI is not 100% reliable for quality, accuracy, appropriate tone, culturally acceptable (ethnic or organizational) language, or non-plagiarized material. But if you can use AI to generate some initial content from which you can springboard, the technology can assist you in busting through that workflow delay or blockage.

As you ponder this possibility, here are some resources that might help you to make your decision about whether or not to implement this technology.


Considerations to make when utilizing AI:

In this video, speaker coach Jane Atkinson talks about creating content for speaking, but these concepts and considerations can be applied to any situation that involves creating content.


For Google Workspace Users:

Google is rolling out an invitation to its Workspace clients to utilize Duet AI. The initial announcement touted:

It includes new features that help you write, visualize, organize, accelerate workflows, have richer meetings, and much more.”

When I Googled what the program entailed, most of the information was about coding and chat bots. We’ll see in the upcoming months what their AI will truly offer.


For Microsoft 365 Users:

New AI tools help writers be more clear, concise and inclusive in Office and across the web

Use Microsoft Generative AI TODAY For One Click Content Creation of Documents, Web Posts, And Emails


Resources for generating an initial draft:







Google search for AI to write articles:

See the list here.


None of these options mention plagiarism safeguards or IT considerations – as in, you’ll need to check with your organization’s policies and firewall safeguards to see if this method of content generation is even possible.


I’m a big proponent of utilizing tools that allow you to be more efficient without sacrificing quality. But do make sure that you’re not sacrificing ethical standards or digital security in the process.




For more productivity strategies and tips (whether you’re “old school” or “all in” on AI), check out The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer

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