Top 5 Productivity Tips for the Workplace

If you’ve had more than a quick networking conversation with me, you know that I enjoy learning about why things work. When someone asks me for advice, I like to also share the explanation of why that particular recommendation works.

A few weeks ago, a journalist asked for my best productivity tips for the workplace in under 200 words. That’s a pretty tall order for me! It’s not the tips; it’s the word limit! But I gave it a shot.


Here are my top 5 productivity tips for the workplace:

  1. Before checking email in the morning, identify the top three tasks you absolutely must get done.


  1. Strive to get your top priority tasks completed as early in the day as possible – before “fires” crop up.


  1. Add 10-minute buffers to your calendar immediately after meetings (before anyone can squeeze in a back-to-back) so that you have time to debrief your notes and get items added to your task management system or calendar.


  1. Keep a digital document or notepad near your workspace to capture random thoughts that pop into your head. This will prevent you from chasing them down the proverbial rabbit hole as they occur.


  1. At the end of each day, distribute your random thoughts to wherever they need to go – task management system, calendar, client file, etc.


Happy productivity!



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