Productivity Tips – How to Set Priorities in Life


In Part 1, we discussed the definition of what a priority is and why determining priorities is vital to time management.

In Part 2, we looked at the benefits of determining your priorities.

Now, it’s time to discuss:

How to Set Priorities in Your Personal Life

To determine what your personal priorities are, consider the following questions:

*Who are the top five most important people in your life? Why?

*What philosophies or beliefs are the most important to you to follow and live by? Why?

*What specific activities bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment? Why?

*When a special person in your life reads a short passage at your funeral about who you truly were and what you achieved in your life, what do you want that person to share?

*Based on your responses to the above questions, what are your top three goals in life?

*If these are the top three goals you identified, on who or what do you want to make sure you invest your time?

*Based on these goals you identified, on who or what should you not spend your time?

Your responses to these questions will help you identify what your personal priorities are – and are not.


The above process is the method for how to set priorities and implement prioritization. You can use priority determination and prioritization implementation to reach your personal objectives, financial goals, relationship goals, time management goals, and your definition of work-life balance. When you can define what is most important (and less important) to you, what you will and will not put your time toward, then that means you comprehend the concept of prioritization. By applying this tremendous knowledge to your personal life, you’ll be able to make the most of your time and live life on your terms.

When you are crystal clear on what your personal priorities are, you’ll also have a greater motivation and drive to prioritize and stay focused at work because you want to achieve your mission in life.


In Part 4, I’ll share techniques for prioritizing work tasks situationally.




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