Time Management Lessons from Adam Sandler – Phone Wallet Keys


When I turned 16 and passed my driver’s license test, I felt grown up and thought I should carry all sorts of more adult items in my purse. I soon learned that carrying a purse weighed down my shoulder or arm, plus I’d have to either lock it up somewhere during a party or carry it the entire time. (Remember those high school parties? Anything you wanted to see again couldn’t just be set down somewhere.)


Instead of worrying about everything I needed to squeeze into my pockets, I decided to worry about bringing just the bare minimum. My mental checklist became the recitation of, “Shades, wallet, keys.”


Roughly two years into post-college adulthood, the checklist recitation became, “Shades, wallet, keys, phone.” Yes, that’s right, cell phones entered the mainstream.


Having this mental checklist saved a great deal of time because I automatically remembered the bare minimum to carry and could run out the door in a hurry. When I’d pack for a trip and slip into “Oh, I hope I didn’t forget to put anything on my packing list” mode, I again saved time by reminding myself of the bare minimum to take: “Shades, wallet, keys, phone, passport.”


Once we started going to potlucks, group picnics, and other such adult outings, it helped to create checklists so we wouldn’t forget anything. These checklists got longer and longer as we felt like we couldn’t leave home without XYZ, then AXYZ, then ABCXYZ, then….That’s right, our list started to grow and grow – and take more and more time to think about and compile.


Just when we considered reverting back to my old checklist recitation of, “Shades, wallet, keys, phone,” we happened upon an Adam Sandler Netflix Special.


TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME! Sorry for being abrupt, but I needed to catch your attention and issue that warning before you hit the play button. If you’re in a public place or work environment, you need to know that Adam Sandler stand-up routines are R-rated not just for adult content, but also for the number of F-bombs he tosses out.


When we saw Adam Sandler’s Phone Wallet Keys rap, we just laughed and laughed until we cried. We had turned into that. Apparently, others had as well. At least Adam Sandler, anyway. And the people in the audience who roared with laughter because they did the same thing, too.


Adam Sandler’s Phone Wallet Keys rap is a good reminder that:


*Routines are good, but you need to adjust as necessary.


*Listing items to bring or things to do in rhythms can help you remember.

(Ex: Ever walk into a room and forget why you went there? You might need to start rapping!)


*Overthinking things can cost you time.


*How much crap do we really need to carry with us?


All of this can help you with time management because the less time you lose to any of this, the more time you have for fun…like watching Adam Sandler’s stand-up specials.


On that note, here is Adam Sandler’s Phone Wallet Keys:





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