National Leave the Office Early Day 2024

National Leave the Office Early Day 2024

National Leave the Office Early Day is just around the corner on Monday, June 3! If you’d like a little background on how National Leave the Office Early Day came about, you can read about that here.

No matter who I’m working with – individual clients, associations or businesses – a common challenge is that they’re short-staffed, and highly dedicated employees like you are putting in more and more hours to make sure everything gets completed.

This is very admirable. But it’s also a big problem.

When an organization’s best, most dedicated employees are not using their PTO because they feel obligated to pick up the slack, that actually leads to lower productivity levels and, eventually, burnout.

If you are one of these hard-working individuals, you should be aware that consistently not allowing yourself to disconnect from work and not allowing yourself to create downtime also leads to a reduction in effort and time toward self-care, health and well-being.

But guess what? The perfect “holiday” is coming up! National Leave the Office Early Day will be celebrated on June 3.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking a few days off from work to rest, recharge and rejuvenate, what if you just took an afternoon off? Consider it a mental health afternoon.


*on a walk with your dog or favorite human

*for that massage you’ve been wanting

*do something fun

*do something relaxing

*binge watch a silly show

*to a movie

*home and take a nap on the couch

*to a restaurant or café you always say you want to go to (but never do…until now!)


No matter what you decide to do, please do not feel obligated to check your work email. Be sure to set your email auto-responder before you leave work that day.

You owe it to yourself to relax for a few hours. Enjoy!



If you need an easy-to-follow guide to leave the office early (or leave work behind for a couple of hours, a couple of days, or a couple of weeks), check out these Escape from Work options in online or book format.

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