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Time Management and Work-Life Balance – 30-day online video program

The Inefficiency Assassin’s Guide to Work-Life Balance, which supports entrepreneurs, educators and professionals on the go in time management…in just 3 minutes a day! Some of the benefits:

  • It’s fast: Daily 2- to 3-minute videos – each day a different lesson on the strategies behind making better decisions about your time.
  • It’s simple: Each video contains a story, lesson, and action from me that reinforces everything I talk about in my productivity workshops and time management keynotes.
  • It works: The Program was developed in partnership with Avanoo, the leader in behavioral change video research. They are partnered with UCSD.

This is a wonderful way to have me right next to you each day as you journey toward better balance in your life. This is also a perfect way to offer your employees or association members a gift that doesn’t just improve their work-life balance, but also improves their lives! I’m excited to help your team increase efficiency and lower stress levels with this Program! So… what do you think? Let’s get you started! Get more details or purchase my 30-day program or 18-day program as an individual by clicking here. If you’ve read this far, you deserve a special treat. Enter code worklife29 to receive 70% off! (Just imagine…the gift of more time for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day!) If you’d like to receive a VIP enterprise rate to make a purchase for your team, please contact us here and request Enterprise Rate. The enterprise package includes your choice of when your employees or members will receive their daily tip, as well as tracking stats and a weekly rev-em-up note you can send to your team to get everyone on board and excited about saving time! It’s time to “Kick chaos to the curb!”

Not sure about whether or not this will work? Take a look at the program statistics for one of the companies I worked with:


This screen shot is taken from the sixth and final weekly progress report, summing up the program stats for this particular company. 126% improvement in work-life balance? I’d say that’s pretty awesome! Get started with your improvement today!

clock white

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