National Sales Conference 2023     |     Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Productivity Crash Course:

Time Management Fundamentals for Working Smarter, Not Longer

Handouts for Helene Segura's time management sessions:


Busy professionals can lose up to three hours each day from time leaks through seemingly minor situations throughout the day. Daily frustrations combined with less downtime create a vicious cycle of workdays that are less productive with never-ending to-do lists.

Your brain decides how you will use every minute of every day. In this session, learn how to use your time more efficiently by working with your brain and not against it, regardless of whether you’re working virtually, onsite, a hybrid, or as a road warrior.

Part 1: Discover strategic time management best practices to prioritize requests and demands more effectively and efficiently to avoid chasing low-hanging fruit, as well as recover quickly when the unexpected derails plans. In the first half of our session, we’ll:

  • Deconstruct how the brain makes decisions about time
  • Develop weekly plans based on time management best practices
  • Discover tactics for managing daily tasks amidst pivoting schedules

Part 2: In the second half of our session, we’ll cover best (and worst) practices for the top three time management challenges currently affecting sales teams:

  • Loss of focus throughout the day
  • Overabundance of meetings – some of which might be (gasp!) unproductive
  • Electronic communication overload: email, texts, instant messages, chat platforms

Get ready to raise the level of your personal productivity skills! This fast-paced session will be an interactive learning opportunity. Participants should be prepared for written exercises in digital (download your handout) or paper (print your handout) format. Bring your calendar, too!

If you missed the Pre-Session checklist, download that here. You can use these tips any time you need to be away from your communications.

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