Book – 30 Tactics – Books, Movies and Other References from the book:

time-management-books-the-inefficiency-assassin published by New World Library[/caption]                   Introduction Nancy Drew   Quick background check: What’s your cover? ROAD MAP to Get Organized       Chapter 1 – It’s all in your head: End the overwhelm by adjusting your mindset. Aliens       Chapter 2 – Capture Your Priorities Flight safety check: Lord of the Rings Virgin America Safety Dance   The Internetest Safety Video       Chapter 4 – Administer Self-Care Dead Poet’s Society       Chapter 7 – It’s All in Your Head: Prevent Drowning through Structure and Flow Monk   Bruce Lee: Be Water       Chapter 10 – Set Reminders, and Never Forget Again The Fifth Element The Sixth Sense     Chapter 12 – Dig Out from a Buried Office Banker’s Box     Chapter 22 – Schedule around Your Personal Priorities and Targets L’Oréal commercials       Chapter 24 – Schedule around Your Work Priorities and Targetsto infinity and beyondTetris     Chapter 26 – It’s All in Your Head: It Takes a Village Dr. Thomas Shippey James Bond   I Multitask, but I Still Can’t Finish Everything Squirrel!     When Crap Happens, I Go into a Tailspin Tell the men you love to have their prostate checked! Deus Ex Machina Georgie Porgie Noisy LeGrand     I’d Love to Control My Time, but I Don’t Know What to Say to People Jane Seymour Jedi mind trick ]]>