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a special bulk purchase rate, please submit this request.     Time-Management-Books-The-Inefficiency-Assassin-Time-Management-Tactics-for-Working-Smarter-Not-Longer-by-Helene-Segura-New-World-Library-April-2016 It’s ready! Helene Segura’s time management book for busy professionals is slated for release in April 2016 by publisher New World Library! You can pre-order it now!

While you’re waiting for this to arrive, it’s recommended that you read her ROAD MAP to Get Organized book, or check out her 30-day video series on work-life balance. purchase-now
            time-management-keynote-speaker-productivity-tools Is it possible to have a life outside of work? Why yes, it is! Helene partnered with Avanoo to create a 30-day video series based on research from UCSD. In only three minutes per day, get the tools you need to get your work and personal lives in balance! Get details here.
Organizing expert Helene Segura’s clients often wish they could borrow her brain. Ta-dah! Her book, R.O.A.D.M.A.P. to Get Organized, is a tour of an organized person’s brain. This guidebook is different from other books on organization which don’t address the mental and emotional prep work required for success. She guides the reader through the same thought processes that organized people and successful decision-makers follow and is the reason why they can do what they do. Organized folks make life look easy. This is their secret!


Are you bogged down by email?

Are you swamped with paper?

Is it hard to find things on your desk or in your classroom?

Do you wish you had more time in the day?

Get the help you need from Helene Segura’s book with organizing tips for teachers!

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Get organized! You hear that phrase all the time. A little voice inside your head tells you that you need to do it. You want to have a home you love or an office you can invite clients into or learn how to manage your time better, but how do you know where to start? Before you dive into an organizing project, you need to begin to figure out who you are, what’s causing your challenges, and what methods you can use to address them. This audio class and accompanying handout will help you with that! This is the jam-packed uber-short version of Helene’s book, ROAD MAP to Get Organized.
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  How Teachers Can Conquer Chaos: 5 Strategies to Bring Order to Your School Day This 1 hour audio class (with accompanying workbook) was the springboard for Helene Segura’s book, Less Stress for Teachers.