Walking the Camino de Santiago with Fresco Tours

If you’re an independent traveler, you might cringe at the thought of delegating vacation planning or trip planning to a company. I totally get that…because I’m the same way. My husband and I have been planning and traveling independently for over two decades. I wouldn’t say we’re high maintenance, but we are particular about certain…

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Is Chivalry Dead?

When I was in my 20’s, I witnessed a woman chide a man for opening the door for her. “I’m perfectly capable of doing things for myself!” she snapped at him. I remember feeling very confused because I’d been raised to be fiercely independent, but I’d also been taught that polite men open the door…

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To Do Lists Don’t Have to Be a Drag

I’ve heard many people lament about to do lists: “I hate them. They make me feel trapped.” “I never finish them so what’s the point?” “To do lists are such a bummer because there’s never anything fun on the list.” If you nodded your head at least once as you read those utterances, prepare to…

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