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Time Management

Chinese New Year 2020

The timing of Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese lunar year. The symbol for the year is based on the Chinese Zodiac. January 25, 2020, Chinese New Year kicks off the Year of the Rat. On a personal note, our Roman calendar year hasn’t started off so great for my household this year.…

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Get Organized for the Holidays!

Back in January, I recommended that you reflect on the prior months and record a quick debrief of the 2018 holidays in order to get organized for the holidays in 2019. Guess what? The 2019 holidays are here, so it’s time to get crackin’! Do you want to do more of the same that you…

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Daily To Do Lists – The Perfect Format

One of the questions I’m asked most often by my clients and seminar audiences is: “What is the best to do list or task system to use for my daily to do lists?” There are different components to creating a to-do list system: implementing a format that allows you to be successful, deciding what goes…

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