How to Be Productive Working a Hybrid Schedule

  In 2021, after a full year of working 100% remotely, I moved to a hybrid schedule once vaccines rolled out, and people wanted to once again spend time with humans from outside their household. I continued to implement time blocking and time estimations for creating realistic to-do lists as I’d done before COVID.    …

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The Tool Every Home Office Needs


“What is the single most important tool every home office needs?” A journalist recently posed this question to organizing and productivity experts. This was my response: The single most important tool every home office needs is a battery backup. APC is a popular brand, but they’re not the only ones:  If there is any kind…

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Working from Home Productivity Tips – How to Prevent Working Around the Clock

Working from home productivity tips related to preventing working 24/7 will be the subject of an upcoming article in Bloomberg Businessweek. The following are the two productivity questions a journalist posed, as well as my responses.​ 1. What is your best productivity strategy for keeping days short-ish? When you internalize the following concepts, you’ll build…

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