CE workshop for Meeting Professionals International (MPI) members

“I hate meetings because they suck!” – How to Avoid Hearing That…And Prevent High Stress Planning

This workshop is perfect for managers, directors, event planners and meeting professionals who want to sharpen their skills in Project Management, specifically how to “establish milestones and a critical path” to plan internal or client meetings.

This workshop covers skills in CIC Domain 4.05 – ESTABLISH MILESTONES AND CRITICAL PATH


• identify specific, realistic, measurable and achievable tasks and phases required to achieve meeting or event objectives

• set goals and objectives

• prioritize goals and objectives

• determine links, dependencies, timelines and critical dates

• estimate durations of tasks

• assign tasks to specific committees or individuals

• schedule regular review of critical path

• identify potential risks

• adjust critical path as needed


This workshop is interactive, so come prepared to dissect and prep for your newest-assigned meeting or event. A keynote version of this is available, but does not include the same activities and level of interaction as the workshop.

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