Checklists for the Holidays

I've left all of these documents in Word or Excel format so that you can edit them as necessary, which you can do when you click on "Enable Editing." (The Excel format wonkiness disappears after you click on this.) Cheers!

Holiday Checklist - This will help you make sure you have the entire holiday season under control.

Holiday Cards - This sheet will help you keep track of who you need to send cards to and doubles as a mail merge spreadsheet for address labels.

Holiday Gifts - This sheet will help you track who needs what gift and by when you need to purchase and ship it.

The holiday checklists below are from my own personal stash. You can see that they're quite ugly. You don't need beautifully formatted to-do lists to get the job done!

House Prep for Parties - We use this to prep our entire house for parties - inside and outside. Folks who imbibe too much are invited to spend the night, which is why guest rooms are included.

Party Set Up & Cook Times - We used to rush around finishing details at the last minute as guests were arriving. We wanted to feel calm and relaxed before they got here, so we created this timeline to keep us moving at a nice, easy pace.

Here's additional information you might find helpful:

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