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Seeks Part-Time Client Liaison

LivingOrder® San Antonio is a professional organizing and productivity company specializing in office organizing and consulting, as well as corporate productivity coaching, keynotes and workshops. LivingOrder® San Antonio helps people get control of their hectic living and working spaces by teaching clients how to understand their core issues causing disorganization and thereby prevent it in the future. The owner and president, Helene Segura, is a consultant, author, speaker and industry leader who has pioneered unique methods, systems, and teaching materials. LivingOrderSA clients get maximum results in less time. This Client Liaison position focuses on phone and email communication every day, Monday through Friday, for approximately five hours per week, from home or a quiet work space. Compensation includes hourly pay, plus commission and incentives. This job is ideal for a retiree, stay-at-home mom, housewife, or someone who wants to join a team on a mission to help busy women, entrepreneurs, executives, and teachers lower their stress levels.Job responsibilities could include but are not limited to: *Responding to all website inquiries *Responding to all phone inquiries *Booking initial client appointments *Building a client base *Coordinating speaking/media requests *Researching projects as neededTraits of a “rock star” Client Liaison include but most definitely are not limited to: *Ethical*Good listener*Positive attitude *Professional*Personable *Reliable*Deadline responsive*Lifelong learner *Detail-oriented *Organized *Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills *Comfortable with technology like MS Office software (or Mac version) and cloud-based programs *Work experience of at least ten years in a professional field *Committed to continuing our company’s reputation of excellenceFor our prospective residential clients and small business owners, our Client Liaison is someone who is an outstanding listener. The ability to maintain silence and then respond with empathy is absolutely critical. The prospective clients must feel through the phone that you truly care about their well-being. For our business clients and corporate meeting planners, attention to detail and listening to their needs are a must. The prospective clients must feel through the phone that you are intelligent and professional and will correctly relay their needs to Helene Segura. The Client Liaison understands the importance of strictly following procedures because there’s a reason that every checklist and policy is in place. Yet a strong Client Liaison is an independent thinker who believes so wholeheartedly in our mission to bring peace to people’s lives that she’ll take the instructions that we have for what to say to callers and make them her own – adding her own personality and personal touches. Job applicants must possess a computer with Internet access, a quiet space from which to return calls, and either a landline or extremely reliable cell service. No phone inquiries, please.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please send one email with the following three attachments to “SAHire at”: 1. Your one-page resume. 2. A one-page maximum response in Tahoma 10 point font that explains: your interest in this position, why you think the aforementioned traits are important to this company, and what separates you from all other candidates. 3. On a separate page and in 175 words or less, showcase your creativity and personality by answering this question: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why?]]>