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Coronavirus aka COVID-19



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – They update this site on prevention, how the virus is spread, FAQs, situation reports, and much more.

CDC Risk - Who has a higher risk? What prevention steps can be taken?

World Health Organization (WHO) – situation updates, Q&A, how to protect yourself, videos on preparation, research

Coronavirus Stats by WorldOMeter – I hesitated at posting this because I don’t want people to obsess and visit this page each morning. But it’s interesting to compare these numbers to the varied numbers in media reports. Something else to keep in mind is that they base the stats here from numbers reported by China’s NHS.

Current confirmed cases by country - provided by the World Health Organization.

Provisional Death Count - This sounds pretty darn morbid, but this chart allows you to compare the number of reported COVID-19 deaths to deaths caused by pneumonia and the flu.

Mythbusters from WHO

FAQ via Science Friday


You’ll notice that I don’t have news agencies listed. I find that it takes too long to filter out “the side” they’re reporting (whether they’re a “left” agency or a “right” agency) and how much drama they're adding to get viewers to tune in 24/7. Since it takes some digging to get to the actual truth on news websites, I've only listed medical, science and travel organizations on this page.




U.S. State Department - They issue travel advisories for any and all situations. You can enter your destination and get the latest report.

U.S. Embassy in your destination or layover/connection country - This link is for France. Here's the link for Italy. You can Google "country + U.S. Embassy + covid-19" to see if that embassy has posted information.

CDC Travel Risk - Updates on risk by country.

CDC Travelers' Health - Find out what health recommendations are being made for the countries through which you're traveling, as well as if any heath advisories have been issued.

CDC FAQ for Travelers - Canceling or postponing trips, air or cruise travel, returning from travel, business travel

Rick Steves Travel – We have relied on Rick Steves’ European travel information for 20 years and have participated in four of his tours. We trust his information and his decisions related to traveling. Since we have planned a research trip to Italy in the summer of 2020 in preparation for our Dolce Far Niente adventure we're leading in 2021, we’re monitoring his website to see how he handles his tour operations. If he cancels his group tours, we’ll cancel our own trip for this summer of 2020.

Traveling within the U.S. - This page links to the travel policies for each state. Find out if you're required to quarantine upon arrival.

Travel insurance policy coverage - This information is from Allianz, but it’s similar to many other insurance companies. Be sure to find out what you’re covered – and not covered for. The majority of policies do not cover losses caused by an epidemic.

Airline cancellation policies - round up of all airlines provided by TripAdvisor

Flight change FAQ - general patterns and tips noted by TripAdvisor

Airport Policies - list of airports worldwide with links to their procedures and policies

Should you travel? If your destination is not under travel restrictions, should you go? This is a link to questions to consider in order to help you make your decision.



The following were gathered from a variety of videos, articles and interviews from health experts:

Operate the same way you would if it was a bad flu season in your area.

Wash your hands frequently. This should last 20-25 seconds and include both the front and back of your hands, as well as underneath your nails.

Don't touch your eyes, nose or any part of your face with unwashed hands.

More tips to stay healthy can be found at the WHO website.


Have enough supplies for two weeks in case your area decides to implement a mandatory quarantine.

If you're used to eating fresh food and are unsure of what to have on hand in case of a quarantine, here are some ideas:


This video was filmed in February 2020 with a sense of humor, but the Coronavirus is serious, so be sure to stay informed. There's no need to panic; just stay informed. And go on living!

Grocery list for semi-healthy non perishables - This is our shopping list, so it fits our needs. Feel free to download this sheet and edit for your personal needs.

Make a plan. - National Preparedness Month is in September of each year, but there's no time like the present to be ready for anything. Use's guidelines and checklists to get your plan in order.

Prepare your stash. - Wondering what types of supplies you might want to have on hand for any type of emergency? Use's checklist.

Emergency Lists - Whether you need to plan for your business, home, elderly loved ones, kids or pets, FEMA provides helpful lists so you don't have to start from scratch.

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