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Wilene Dunn is giving you the gift of time!Learn how to tell your time what to do – and always have time for what you need to get done!

What you’re able to do with your time each day affects not just your individual clients, but your career success.Additionally, meeting planners often experience a great deal of fatigue. You spend so much time caring for and catering to your clients that you often forget to care for yourself. Imbalance such as this can compound the frustration in your life because your emotions from work can spill over to home life. Overwhelm sets in. Achievement in both work and life can slow down. This is not a good place to be.Wilene has arranged for you to receive my framework for righting the ship and maintaining balance. Implementing time management strategies during your busy work day will allow you to get more done, lower your stress levels, and increase your revenue. And live a quality life outside of your career.I teach 30 modules for working smarter, not longer. I’ve summarized each module into a two-minute video. You’ll receive one video per week via email.If you decide to accept Wilene’s gift, simply enter your information below. Don’t worry; we detest spam and would never do that to you. May you enjoy efficiency and peace throughout this holiday season and in 2016! Sincerely, 
Helene Segura, M.A. Ed., CPO®
Author | Speaker | Productivity Consultant
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