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Time Management

Are you looking for a female keynote speaker on time management  or productivity who will specifically give women powerful productivity tools?

Take a look!

Whether your event is for a women’s business association or spouses attending a predominantly male conference, we can tailor the title of the time management tips presentation to fit your attendees’ needs, as well as support the conference theme.

Sample titles:


Work-Life Balance: How to do it all in 24 hours

How Should You Really Use Your Time? The 5 Keys to Controlling Your Day

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Still Have a Life

ROAD MAP to Get Organized: How to create a successful plan

How to Have Better Sex (This is a catchier title for the workshop “Discover Your Thinking, Learning and Working Styles to Get Your Business Back on Track” – we won’t really talk about sex. That much.)

Working Productively in Your Pajamas: Being Effective in a Home Office

The Inefficiency Assassin’s Guide to Productivity: How the CIA Will Transform You into a Time Management Super Agent

ROAD MAP to Get Organized: How to Manage Time in an ADHD World


Best Female Keynote Speakers

I’m honored to have earned this keynote speakers designation from LinkedIn:

It is an absolute thrill for me to be a time management keynote speaker and productivity keynote speaker. I love traveling the country to deliver time management workshops and teach easy-to-understand productivity tools. It’s a joy for me to bring peace to people’s lives.

“Best Female Keynote Speakers”  I blush when I hear people tell me that after my time management workshops, but it lets me know that what I share resonates with them, and they’ve received more than just a shot in the arm from a motivational speaker …they’ve learned productivity tools that will change their lives!

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A Women’s Keynote Productivity Speaker


Women today do everything. They hold public offices, serve as CEOs, become trusted financial advisors, etc. Yet, in the world of motivational speaking, their public voices still remain in the minority.

Helene Segura is the exception. A highly sought-after women’s productivity keynote speaker since 2004, Helene Segura’s powerful and thought-provoking productivity keynotes have surpassed the norms of her industry and earned her the top spot in the productivity and life management facet of motivational speaking.

Helene Segura is an author, entrepreneur, and Certified Professional Organizer® who demonstrates a deep understanding of organization and its importance in a woman’s life. Through her keynotes, she helps women of all ages regain control of the chaos in their lives and finally return to a life of stability and productivity.

Helene Segura’s array of productivity keynotes cover topics that resonate deeply with the modern woman. Topics include everything from time management to tips on how to handle stress to life organization. These topics combined with Helene’s passion greatly intensify her talks and deliver an impactful experience unmatched by other women keynote speakers.

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