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Many teachers have requested a certificate of completion for reading the book Less Stress for Teachers: More Time & An Organized Classroom, so we have created one for you!

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Since it’s impossible to know whether or not someone truly read the entire book and how long it took to do it, a certificate listing the hours spent or confirming reading completion cannot be given. However, a certificate confirming that you’ve participated in an assessment that would require reading major portions of the book can definitely be given.

Your certificate will contain:


*Your name

*Date of assessment submission

*Our contact information (in case the entity to which you submit your certificate has a question about it)

*TEA Provider Number for the State of Texas (You don’t have to be in Texas to get this certificate.)

*Description: “The bearer of this certificate has satisfactorily completed an assessment based on reading the book Less Stress for Teachers: More Time & An Organized Classroom.”


This is not a “certificate factory.” You will need to have done more than just skim the book in order to answer the questions in the online assessment. If you’ve read the book recently and have taken notes, this online assessment will take you roughly 30 minutes to complete. If it’s been awhile, or if you don’t recall what you’ve learned, it will take you longer.

There are three “housekeeping” questions about your contact information and 11 short answer questions about the book. You’re not going to be graded on spelling and grammar, but we have to be able to understand the points you’re trying to make. (Yes, we really will read your answers!)

Please allow up to 5 business days for the certificate. As mentioned above, yes, we really do read the responses and should be able to tell from your answers that you’ve read the book. We want this certificate to mean something.


Before making this purchase, please check with your campus or district to make sure that this is an acceptable form of credit. (Hint: Always get your answer in writing.)

You do not need a PayPal account to make this purchase. The merchant name on your credit card bill will appear as LO Organizers San Antonio, LLC dba LivingOrder San Antonio. When you make the purchase through PayPal below, you will immediately be taken to the online assessment. There are no refunds. You must have the book with you (in paperback or electronic format) for reference. You must complete the assessment in one sitting, so do not make the purchase until you are ready to take the assessment. Onward!

By clicking on the “Buy Now” button you acknowledge having read and understood the information on this page.

Certificate of Participation $9.99   If your campus or district is interested in a “bulk” CEU program, please contact us here.

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