Homebrew Hootenanny Update

Saturday, June 4, 2016

1:00 – 5:00 PM

Weather:Are these storms insane or what?! We’ll be grillin’ and imbibin’ no matter what type of weather Mother Nature decides to give us on Saturday. If you view the Atascosa and Medina County maps by clicking here (scroll down the page and look for “Devine” on these maps), you’ll have an idea of what the weather will be like at our place before you drive out. The Gate:Lightning fried our gate opener on Thursday morning. If you see a bungee on the gate, that means we were not yet able to have it repaired, so your gate entry will be self-service. The gate opens by pushing it toward the house. Please be sure to re-secure the bungee after you enter. We can’t leave the gate open because of the dogs. Parking:As usual, you can park head-in, but pull in just far enough to have your car out of the driveway. Some folks in the past have left up to 10 feet of space between the tail of their car and the driveway so that they’d have a shorter walk to the front door. If you do this on soft sand, you might get stuck. What to Bring:Many of you kindly ask what to bring. You can bring a bottle of wine for the tasting if you’d like. If you’re not interested in that, we would honestly just love it if you would contribute a few bucks to Carol Rodriguez’s scholarship fund. If you prefer not to do that, feel free to bring a dessert or burger-y snack to share.For those of you not familiar with Carol, she was a very good friend of ours who passed away several years ago from colon cancer. She was a journalism teacher at Harlandale High School, so students were near and dear to her heart. The scholarship fund established in her name gives a scholarship each year to a Harlandale ISD senior who will major in journalism in college. All donations are tax deductible. If you need a receipt, please use a check for your donation, and one will be mailed to you. Directions:Click here for Google Maps. (Note that our house is actually further down the street!)Click here if you prefer turn-by-turn directions with landmarks. Photos:Here they are. Enjoy! If we have any other updates, we’ll be sure to post them here.  Here are the details from the evite: We’re having a Burger Bash this year! MenuBison, beef & turkey pattiesWheat & white bunsBurger fixinsSalad fixinsBaked beansSnow cones (kid & adult options) DrinksSodaWineHome Brew: Puddin’Bock, TX beerCordials You can do one or both or none of these…whatever floats your boat: 
  1. Six Pack Exchange
You can bring a six-pack of beer and leave with a six-pack sampler. The only rule is that the beer cannot appear on a commercial in America. So…no Budweiser, Miller, Stella Artois, Dos XX, Sam Adams, Coors, Guinness and so on. 
  1. Wine Tasting
The person who brings the wine that gets the most tasting points will receive a little prize. You don’t have to bring a bottle to participate in the tasting. To be eligible for the prize, your bottle must be checked in by 2:00 P.M. The winner will be announced at 4:00 P.M. to allow for plenty of tasting time. The three categories are white, rosé and red. You can enter one, two, or all three categories. Of course, you do not have to participate in either activity. You can play horseshoes, petanque, basketball, badminton, or just lounge.  We look forward to seeing you!Helene & Joseph  ]]>