IMS Seminar

Boosting Productivity

Do you ever have to put in frantic hours to finish projects at the last minute?
     Do you have employees or colleagues with access to your schedule who turn your calendar into a circus?
          Have you ever muttered a phrase like, "I didn't get anything done today" or "I wish I had more time"?
Busy professionals lose up to three hours per day from time leaks. Interruptions, procrastination, distractions, putting out fires, and battling overwhelm are all slow leaks that steal your time when you're not looking. In the business world, this adds up to over ten thousand dollars of lost time per employee each year. In your personal world, this equates to more stress and less quality time with your loved ones.

This interactive seminar will give you a crash course on the strategies and tactics that you can implement immediately in order to improve your negotiations with time, plug these time leaks, and tell your time what to do!


  • Regain a minimum of 15 work days per year in lost productivity
  • Help your team improve their efficiency
  • Lower your stress levels, boost your morale, and improve your effectiveness - which will help you revolutionize your personal well-being and your career potential


Module 1: The Ultimate Productivity Framework
  • Discover causes of and solutions for common time leaks that need to be plugged
  • Get your brain to work for you instead of against you when it comes to managing your time
  • Learn the 3 keys to telling your time what to do
  • Experience the foundational productivity skill of effective time blocking


Module 2: The Secret Behind How to Negotiate Time with Yourself - The Big Picture

  • Identify your high value responsibilities
  • Determine your priorities when “everything” is important
  • Stop chasing low-hanging fruit
  • Get things done despite interruptions and being called on to put out fires


Module 3: The Secret Behind How to Negotiate Time with Yourself - Your Daily Mission

  • Create to-do lists that actually get done
  • Develop a weekly time blocking plan
  • Morph your calendar when fires (or great opportunities!) crop up
  • Manage your or your team’s projects and avoid around-the-clock, last minute work


Module 4: Stifle Time Thieves: Negotiating Time with Others

  • Create a More Efficient Team
  • Help your employees and colleagues better manage your schedule
  • Help your employees and colleagues better manage their time
  • Reflect with Power


Wrap Up:

Identify the next steps on your road to even more productivity success

The Fine Print:

  • This seminar is only for go-getting professionals who truly want to succeed in their company and in life.
  • Thinking will occur. (Don't worry, it's not painful.)
  • You will interact with fellow human beings during this seminar. (Hip terms refer to this as "networking" and "interactive presentations".)
  • If you want even more benefit from this session, bring your digital and/or paper calendar. (That's right, we'll actually implement what we discuss!)
  • Wondering what topics we might cover either during a module or our Q&A and discussion? Check out the video. But be sure to turn your volume down because you're probably looking at this at work!

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