Dear MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter Education Committee:

And live a quality life outside of your career. You requested to see some video footage. Here you go: This corporation contracted me to deliver a 20-minute keynote in four different cities. It turned out that what they actually wanted, however, was a workshop – which is a very different delivery method. These instructions were shared with me during a meeting with the Vice President:

  1. Teach the attendees the Top 10 tools for getting organized. (Note: Keynotes typically cover 3 strategies, not 10 tactics.)
  2. Acknowledge that their families come first, but they need to sell products in order to be successful.
  3. The audience will be 99.9% female, 100% independent consultants, and 70% Latina. International attendees will wear headsets for translation.
  4. Be sure to cover all areas of the stage so that your audience connects to you. (Note: Connections can happen without walking back and forth, but this is what the VP wanted.)
I opted to do a hybrid keynote/workshop. I needed to pump up the audience at the start because my presentation immediately followed a two-hour sales procedures and paperwork tutorial. The audiences in each city were wonderfully welcoming, and we had a lot of great lunch conversations. (Lunch followed my presentation.)   The video below is of terrible quality (a member of the organization who is not an A/V professional volunteered to video, and I did not turn down her kindness), but I’d still like to share it with you because you can get a sense of strategy-sharing potential in only a 20-minute keynote. I spoke at this small event as a favor to a friend, who’s a Veteran, and who was putting on the event for Veterans and others in her area who had transitioned to different careers. Thirty minutes before the presentation, I was requested to mention the word “empower” and mention the importance of communication. No problem.   If you need more information about me, feel free to:read my formal bio (or my informal one)browse my media appearances in articles and on television If you’d like to procrastinate productively, feel free to watch  my “movie trailer”:  I look forward to working with you to build a keynote presentation that will increase productivity and peace in your day! Sincerely, Helene Segura12/4/2015 ]]>