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Handouts for Helene Segura's time management sessions:

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Kick Chaos to the Curb:

Discover Your Ultimate Productivity Zone


Have you ever muttered a phrase like, “I didn’t get anything done today that I wanted to” or “I wish I had more time”?

Busy people lose up to three hours per day from time leaks. Interruptions, distractions, last minute requests, and overload from having a multitude of tasks to complete are all slow leaks that steal your time when you’re not looking. In the business world, this adds up to over ten thousand dollars of lost time per team member each year. In your personal world, this can lead to more stress and less quality time with your loved ones. Our interactive session will reveal proven strategies and tactics utilized by successful time managers. You’ll identify sustainable practices you can implement immediately in order to productively negotiate time with yourself, plug these time leaks, and tell your time what to do!

During our session, participants will examine the secrets to:

  • Making better time management decisions by working with your brain instead of against it
  • Developing weekly plans that provide structure for accomplishing goals, as well as space for addressing all of those questions and requests that come at you
  • Creating to-do lists that actually get done


Friday, September 30, 2022

Productivity Crash Course:

Team Time Management Strategies for Studio Managers


This fast-paced information download will provide you with critical strategies to examine when analyzing and improving both team productivity and personal productivity. Performance management and accountability will be familiar terms to you, but how exactly do you make those happen for your team? Understanding the core pillars involved and successful strategies for each are key.

During our session, participants will examine three facets of time management that directly affect team performance management and accountability:

  • communication
  • onboarding
  • delegation


We’ll discuss best practices, as well as those that bring about less-than-desirable results. You’ll walk away with strategies that you can implement immediately, as well as the knowledge of which tactics to avoid at all costs.

This session is geared toward studio managers, but regional directors, lead coaches, franchisees and other leaders within Orangetheory will also benefit.

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